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Available Sunday - Tuesday or any days/nights of the week for Private parties and Corporate events.

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I was out on a business trip with my crew and we were visiting Houston for an entire week. All of us needed a place to let loose and get silly, and that's when we discovered Pete's Dueling Pianos. If there was one thing I took from this experience, it would have to be the simple fact that Houston knows how to party! This place was rockin', the bartenders were very fast and friendly, and they are definitely heavy handed when it came to the liquor. If I do recall, two shots was a little less then 10 bucks. WHAT A DEAL! So if you are in town visiting, or in the area, Pete's Dueling Pianos will guarantee you and your friends a good time. Make sure to wear your party pants that night!
Richard T.
Westminster, CA
Really neat place! Definatly someplace you want to visit at least once in your life. The crowd is average late 20's - mid 40s. The pianists are very talented and have a high knowledge and cornucopia of music selections and lyrics memorized in their brains. omg! I don't know how they do it! If you have a birthday and let them know, be prepared to go stand up on the stage with them and let them poke fun at you and/or sing sexually charged up songs to you. It's all for the fun!
Natasha G.
Houston, TX
So I've never been to a pianos and this was a TON of fun! I went on a Saturday night and there was a cover charge. I don't think it was too much ($10 I think, someone else paid for me :)). This is definitely one of those places that require a decent size crowd and a good group of friends to accompany you. Fortunately for me I had that and we had so much fun. I was the DD so I'm not too sure about prices of drinks. I think it was pretty standard, $6-7 for a mixed drink? This was a definite upgrade from House of Blues which had no one in it on a Saturday night. Next stop is Howl at the Moon!
Samira K.
Houston, TX
Have been to other pianos before but this one was the best. I think the fact that there were actually 4 different guys that switched out and they also played guitar and drums along with the piano made it. The guys were all so talented it was amazing to watch. If you enjoy music and the sing along type this is a must do in Houston.
Anne B.
Orchard Park, NY


Opened July 2009
We welcomed our fourth Texas location in Houston, opening in grand style as always. We have kept expectations high and entertainment flowing. You will find that our piano players and staff will do everything they can to bring back old memories and help create some new ones in the process while playing everything from hip-hop to pop and classic rock. We promise you will have the time of your life!

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